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Goat situation turned into a pest. How to survive this?

Recently the Executive and Island councils discussed the goat situation on Saba. (Read this here) In their first technical meeting after the March elections they concluded that “the goats are of a tremendous nuisance to the community, and at times they create dangerous situations, i.e., with falling rocks as well …

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Indigo-inspired art exhibit opens at Five Square art gallery

A new exhibition by Anna Keene opens at Five Square At Gallery in Windwardside, today, Thursday, 4:00-6:00pm. The exhibit, entitled “In­digo Inspiration,” features 41 wall hangings and what Keene calls “wearable works” — items of clothing such as sarongs, jackets and scarves. The title of the exhibition stems from the fact that …

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Dumpsite fire in Fort Bay – Update Public Entity Saba

Update Public Entity Saba: Update Fire at the Landfill #3; Effective immediately the landfill is closed for safety reasons!!!! Citizens are advised not to venture there for sight seeing etc. It is still burning but under control and contained and It is being closely monitored as it continues to burn. …

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