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CBS: Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands 2018

What was the number of inhabitants onBonaire, St Eustatius and Saba in 2017? How many children attended primary school ,and how many students were in secondary education? What were the main trends inthe local labour market, and how many tourists visited the islands? The answers tothese and more questions can be found …

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CBS: “Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands 2017” is out

“On 1st of January 2017, there were 24,439 people living in the Caribbean Netherlands” “The population density of Saba was 150/km2 on January 1st 2017” “On Bonaire the median disposable income in private households in 2015 was $23,6 thousand”  “In 2016 there was a 47% increase in value of goods …

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Annual report Kingdom representative 2016 (in Dutch)

  Inleiding Voor u ligt de voortgangsrapportage over het jaar 2016. Een jaar dat in het teken stond van de bevindingen van de ‘Commissie evaluatie uitwerking van de nieuwe staatkundige structuur Caribisch Nederland’, de commissie Spies, die haar rapport in oktober het jaar ervoor had gepresenteerd. De commissie deed geen aanbevelingen, maar maakte de balans …

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GIS Saba : Community Update 2 – October 3rd

Two weeks ago a second category 5 hurricane passed our shores. We were fortunate that the majority of the island sustained minimal damage from Hurricane Maria, but the Fort Bay harbor was severely affected. While the community continues to be challenged by mother nature, Saba is proving that it is up for …

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CCC Newsletter 10

This issue of our CCC Newsletter is late, for obvious reasons. As you will read, our team members had all written their usual updates in August. Jessica reports how she has contributed yet another article in her unrelenting quest to give the Dutch islands in the Northern Caribbean their fair …

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Saba GIS Bulletin September 18

Two weeks ago, Saba and its sister islands were dealt a severe blow by Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts are with the community, especially those who have lost their homes or have damage to their property. We will continue to work to rebuild Saba and restore it to the Unspoiled Queen …

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