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Keep Saba Clean campaign will kick off on Friday, July 3

The Executive Council has extended an invitation to all citizens, businesses and organisa­tions to participate in the Keep Saba Clean island-wide clean-up, which will take place July 3-25.

The public entity Saba or­ganises a Keep Saba Clean campaign every year, not only in the preparation for the hurricane season, but to also eliminate materials that may provide breeding grounds for mosquitos. This year’s clean-up is starting later than usual, as it was delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting lockdown and social-distancing measures.

The clean-up campaign kicks off in Fort Bay on Fri­day, July 3, and continues in The Bottom on Satur­day, July 4.

St. John’s will be cleaned Friday and Saturday, July 10-11. The main St. John’s area and the road from Margaret to Midway will be taken care of on July 10, and Crispeen and Giles Quarter on July 11.

Windwardside will be the focus of clean-up activities on Friday and Saturday, July 17-18, in Over the Peak and English Quarter, and Booby Hill and The Level, respectively.

Mountain Road, Hell’s Gate Guts and Upper Hell’s Gate will be cleaned on Friday, July 24.

Keep Saba Clean will be concluded at Lower Hell’s Gate, Airport Road and Cove Bay on Saturday, July 25. Clean-up hours are from 7:30 to 11:00am at all loca­tions.
All capable and able citizens, businesses, organisations and social group are called to come out and participate.

The Daily Herald.

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