Saturday , July 13 2024

Meeting to revive Saba Business Association: July 7th

To all business owners of Saba,

The last months have once again reminded us of the importance of our community. We realize that by standing together we are strong enough to face collective challenges. In the past, we’ve come together as a business community to address some of these collective challenges. But lately, we haven’t always taken the time for this.

There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed by the business community as a whole. Therefore, a few of us came together wanting to revive the Saba Business Association and we call upon all business owners to join us!

We envision a strong association that sits at the table of governments and other decision-makers both local, regional and national, to advise as well as to voice concerns, with strong relations with partner organizations. Our mission is to represent all businesses big and small as one collective.

We would like to make a clean start as a business association and form a new board with positive and engaged members that form a cross-section of our business community. We aspire to keep the membership fee as low as possible and to also seek funding as well as support from appropriate national organizations.

We would like to meet with as many business owners as possible at the Eugenius Johnson Center on July 7th at 4pm, to reestablish the Saba Business Association and to elect a new board. We call on all of you to come to this meeting to support this initiative and we ask you to step forward if you want to represent the businesses of Saba as a board member.

Yours sincerely,

Alida Heilbron. Island Communication Services

Andries Bonnema, El Momo Cottages

Claire Verbeke, Queens Gardens Resort and Spa

Franklin Wilson, Saba Educational Services

Lynn Costenaro, Sea Saba Dive Center


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