Saturday , July 13 2024

Dr. Willemijn answers your questions on COVID 19 vaccinations.

Please follow the Facebook page of the Public Entity to learn about the answers that Dr. Willemijn gives to your questions concerning the COVID 19 vaccinations.
Here’s Dr. Willemijn answering some of your questions on the covid-19 vaccine.
Scroll down the page to follow the messages.
Part 1 – Is our vaccine still protecting us?
Part 2.1 – If I am fully vaccinated and get covid-19, what can I expect?
Part 2.2 – Why is our vaccination rate so important?
Part 3.1 – If I have already had covid-19, do I still need the covid-19 vaccine?
Part 3.2 – Is the covid-19 vaccine safe and effective for children?
Part 4.1 – How does the booster shot work?
Part 4.2 – What is the difference between a third covid-19 shot and the covid-19 booster shoot?
Part 5 – What would you tell someone that’s reluctant to get vaccinated?
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