Saturday , July 13 2024

Launch of renewed website

With great pride and satisfaction, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland, KPCN) is launching the renewed Police CN website today. In addition to a new look & feel, the renewed website offers even more options for getting in touch with the police and the possibility to highlight police-related topics.

Taking into account the constant digital developments and the needs of the inhabitants and visitors of the Caribbean Netherlands, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) entered into a partnership with the Dutch Police (Nederlandse Politie, NP) at the beginning of 2021. This collaboration is an extension of the existing agreements with the NP. The renewed KPCN website is therefore also drawn up according to the same structure and based on the same quality requirements as those of the Dutch Police.

Making contact with the police is now also (easier) possible digitally .
The renewed website makes contacting the police even more accessible. On the website it is possible to send a tip, complaint, compliment or report via the ‘Contact’ tab. ATTENTION! It is not (yet) possible to file declarations via the website. For the time being, this must proceed through the desk/police officers. Urgent reports can only be made via the 911 emergency line.

Complaints via the website
With the launch of the renewed website, it is now possible to fill in a digital complaint form again. This possibility has previously been discussed with the National Ombudsman and offers inhabitants the opportunity to report a complaint about both the handling of an ongoing case and the behavior of the police. This report will be checked by an external and independent party. The party issues advice to the Chief of Police, who can then make a decision about the conduct. If the complainant is dissatisfied, he can appeal to the National Ombudsman. With this set of procedures and laws, which work well in accordance with the recent law enforcement report, the KPCN tries to be as transparent as possible and to learn from eventual mistakes.

Featured information
There are currently a number of featured topics on the homepage of the website. In addition to the complaints procedure, this currently also includes victim support and information about cybercrime. In the course of next year we will share many other topics. These can always be found via the Topics tab.


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